permanent attachment

Permanent Attachment
Earth pigment on ply panel (left) aluminium panel (right)
35cm x 38cm

Unformed (dust) Pigment off paper with earaser,2013

Reformed (Dust) Pigment on Paper with eraser 2013

top, Unformed (dust) pigment off paper with eraser

below Reformed (dust) pigment on paper with eraser

140cm x 150cm x 2


permanently unsettled




pigment on card and paper

15cm x 14cm




Separation, Fold Gallery London




Earth pigment on ply panel (wall) and aluminium panel (floor)


























Black with Shadow

Pigment on panel and wall

165cm x 155cm





























Blue Blue.

Pigment on CNC cut MDF panel and wall
Dimensions: Object: 120mm diameter; wall 120mm diameter



Untitled (support) - chalk panel and wall






Chalk panel and polished wall







Earth pigment in medium on wood panel and wall.

total image size 165cm x 82cm

selected for the John Moores Painting Prize 2012







Red with Shadow

Earth pigment on wood panel and wall.

165cm x 82  and wall

Installed in the Royal Academy summer exhibition 2012.,367,RAMA.html


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